RFID Used at Top Golf

rfid golfA recent trip to the Washington, DC area took me to TopGolf, a driving range for the digital age. TopGolf uses World Golf Systems’ ID Ball System, which uses golf balls embedded with RFID chips to track distance and accuracy.

Rather than a traditional game of golf, Top Golf involves hitting the ball into certain targets that range from 25 to 250 yards. Each target is divided into several different subsections, each containing an ID Ball Scanner that registers back to the appropriate computer monitor, located in every golf suite. In order to keep track of each player in the suite, players must first place their ball through an rfid reader before hitting. Since each of the 10 scoring zones are worth different points, once the ball has landed, it is read, and then assigned the appropriate number of points, which then shows up on the monitor.

While RFID is still not readily used in the marketplace, Top Golf and the ID Ball System is an excellent application of the technology. Hopefully within the next few years more and more companies will adopt RFID, allowing for more innovation.