RFID Used at TLC Care Center for Patient Tracking

TLC Care Center is a habilitation, therapy and long-term nursing facility outside of Las Vegas, NV. The recently opened a new wing, dedicated for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other advanced forms of dementia.

In order to keep track of the patients, TLC implemented an RFID system that, by attaching RFID-enabled wrisbands to each patient, would ensure they don’t wander away. Upon being admitted to TLC, each new patient receives an RFID tag that stores unique information regarding the resident, allowing certain residents to access only certain parts of the building. The Center was able to customize the read range to be sure that alarms only sounded when patients attempted to leave a secured area.

Within the memory wing of the facility, there are two units, one for the physically active and another for those that require a wheelchair or walker. The RFID system provides a non-intrusive solution that allows employees and visitors to easily pass between units, but will automatically lock if a resident of one unit approached the other.

It’s amazing what RFID can do these days. It won’t be long before every hospital and healthcare center implements a system like the one at TLC Care. For more information on RFID systems, learn more here.