RFID Used at MIT to Greet Visitors

The Massachusetts Institute of Technonolgy’s Media Lab recently implemented a program using RFID readers as a part of a network of presence-based information displays.

When visitors come to the Media Lab, their presence is sensed through ultra high frequency RFID readers via RFID badges that they are given to wear. From there, the system automates the creation of personal profiles, and then saves it so that they can be accessed online later.

With this system, visitors will be able to retrieve personalized content and group information sharing, delivering location and activity data to an interactive display that tracks the progress of their visit. From there, visitors can build a personalized portfolio of their visit, then view, bookmark and save information on research projects, even being able to share their experiences with others who are interacting with the system.

I really like the interactivity of this solution. Yesterday, we discussed how mobile barcodes make the world come to life, but in this instance, RFID does the job. However, some may argue that this could infringe upon visitor’s privacy, but in this instance, I think the benefits of the experience definitely outweigh any cons.