RFID Used at Lord & Taylor

As part of our predictions for 2013, we forecasted that more retail stores would implement RFID and item-level tagging.

Starting off the new year right is Lord & Taylor, a department store that recently implemented an RFID solution by Motorola to track all of the different styles and colors of shoes at their flagship store in New York. By using Motorola’s MC3190-Z handheld RFID reader, Lord & Taylor can capture sales faster by scanning the sales floor and checking that all shoe samples are on display prior to opening. In addition, shoe availability optimization greatly reduces their labor costs.

Before having an RFID system in place, Lord & Taylor used barcode scanners, which entailed 4-5 associates had to scan the floor prior to opening and had to handle each shoe individually, taking approximately 2.5 hours per day.

Since their successful implementation of RFID in the shoe department, Lord & Taylor plans to implement the solution in other departments throughout the store.

See how RFID was able to make Lord & Taylor more efficient by watching the video below: