RFID Use to Increase in Fashion Industry

RFID has been being used more and more across a variety of different industries, but one industry that has particularly been increasing its use of RFID is the fashion industry. In fact, it is estimated that use of item-level RFID systems in apparel companies will triple in size by the year 2014.

RFID systems have become a key competitive advantage in the fashion industry due to the rapid ROI associated with them. Such money-saving items include increased sales, labor cost reduction, and inventory visibility. By having an RFID based system, what was inventory counting that was once a painful process can be done almost effortlessly. Because of this, item-level tagging in the fashion industry is predicted to soar sooner than later.

The growth of RFID in the fashion industry is not surprising. I recently wrote about an experiment at Bloomingdales that investigated the benefits of RFID. The study concluded that when RFID systems were used, inventory accuracy improved by 27 percent, with overstocks decreasing by 6 percent and under-stocks decreasing by 21 percent.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the retailer, consumers and clerks would also benefit to RFID in clothing and shoe stores. It would be much easier for personnel to easily find and locate an item for the customer, saving time for both the customer and worker.

Do you think RFID systems will be widely used in retail stores by the year 2014?