RFID to Save the Tigers!

RFID TigerAs you know, the tiger population has been sadly but steadily decreasing throughout the years. In order to keep better track of the tigers, the Chinese have adopted RFID technology. Microchips specifically engineered for the tigers have been injected into tigers at the King Palace Zoo.

With the microchips, Zoo officials will be able to access information on the tigers, including age, gender, name, species, blood type, birth place, and DNA, by using a scanner. Once more zoo’s adopt the RFID implants, it will be easier to keep track of, and better care for the tigers.

In addition to Tigers, the State Forestry Administration is requiring all zoos to implant the chips in a variety of different precious animals such as pandas, golden monkeys, and swans.

Do you think it’s a good idea to implant endangered species with RFID chips?