RFID: The Perfect Solution for New DoD Requirements

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is constantly seeking new ways to improve their processes in order to better protect this country. That’s why they’re cracking down on counterfeiting. The DoD now requires its electronic parts contractors to verify the authenticity of the products they supply. But how could this possibly be easily accomplished? With RFID, of course!

While the new DoD specifications do not require that any specific technologies must be used to verify part authenticity, it’s clear that RFID is the right solution.

RFID tags encode a serial number for a lifetime of identification. In addition, RFID tags offer:

  • Encryption and other security to protect the serial number from being changed or copied
  • Additional secure memory for users to update maintenance history
  • Parent-child relationships with other components
  • Other Variable data

For those in the industry, the DoD’s new requirements create opportunity to use RFID part identification and traceability solutions on a large-scale. Despite RFID not being a required solution by the DoD, we hope that it can play an important role in assisting contractors with meeting the new DoD traceability requirements.