RFID Technology Tracks Orders and Quality at Blue C Sushi

I’ve only eaten sushi once, so I’m not really familiar with the sushi bar atmosphere, but Seattle-based Blue C Sushi has a special way of serving up customer’s favorite dishes that sounds like a lot of fun.  Based on kaiten sushi restaurants, customers choose from a variety of sushi dishes that are presented to them on a conveyor belt that circulates throughout the dining area.  Customers simply remove a plate of sushi that they want to eat and the color-coded plate indicates the price.  Blue C Sushi previously used a barcode system to monitor the freshness of the sushi, this ensured that no plate was on the conveyor belt for a period longer than 90 minutes.  This system worked well to track the quality and freshness of dishes, but was unable to track what dishes were running low and did nothing to increase the accuracy of billing.  Blue C Sushi decided to turn to RFID technology to help meet these goals.

Implementing RFID technology has provided Blue C Sushi with more detailed information to better serve their customers.  Not only does the RFID monitor how long an item has been on the conveyor, but it also provides information about what item is on a specific plate, which chef produced it, what dishes are running low and minimizes billing errors.  The system uses Intermec’s IF5 Fixed RFID Readers with antennas placed on both the conveyor and the sushi chef’s cutting boards to read when a plate is added or taken from the belt.  Intermec worked with 3M to design the RFID tags that would be placed on the bottom of the color-coded plates.  These specially designed tags can withstand the daily wear and tear of a restaurant atmosphere, as well as high-temperature dishwashing.  I think this is a great way to improve the customer experience and I would love to visit one of the Blue C Sushi locations to see the RFID technology in action myself.