RFID Technology Motivates Children to Ride Bikes to School

Freiker (short for Frequent Biker), a non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado, is using RFID, daily feedback and great prizes to encourage kids to ride their bikes to and from school.  The program has been implemented in several Boulder schools and is having amazing results.

Freiker uses a solar powered RFID reader dubbed the “Freikometer” (pictured at left) to read RFID tags affixed to the bike helmets worn by students riding to school.  Data from the RFID reader is automatically uploaded to the Freiker site so kids can check their stats.  Children earn prizes based on the number of times they ride to and from school, and at the end of the year they trade accumulated rides for prizes.  The more bike rides, the better the prize.  Pictured below are some results captured in real-time that boast an incredible number of participants.  As you can see these incentives are definitely motivating more children to ride their bikes to school.


Freiker requires the RFID tag be affixed to a bike helmet, so the program promotes safety as well as exercise, not to mention fewer cars on the road is better for the environment.  I think this is a great program and a wonderful way to use RFID technology to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Freiker has expanded to Madison, Wisconsin and Bend, Oregon; with your support this program may soon be available at your area schools.  To learn more about this program or to make a donation you can visit the Freiker Website.