RFID Technology and Barcodes Help to Create Smart Homes

I came across this interesting video the other day on YouTube.  It features the Home of the 21st Century Research Lab located at the Virginia Campus of George Washington University.  This video represents the third year of research, when the University moved from research to reality.  As you’ll see, many of the additions to the “smart home” involve RFID technology.  You can visit the Home of the 21st Century website for more information on this project.

I also came across some other interesting ways that data capture technology is helping to create smart homes.  Salton, a home appliance distributor, offers a line of smart home appliances called Beyond.  The Beyond Microwave (pictured at left) created by Westinghouse, allows users to scan the barcodes from packages of food they’ll be preparing and it promises to cook meals perfectly and evenly every time.  Equipped with a barcode scanning wand and 4,000 pre-programmed barcodes, users simply scan the barcode and the microwave does the rest.  Westinghouse also offers a similar Beyond Bread Maker that scans barcodes to perfectly bake bread.