RFID Tags Used to Prevent Losing Luggage

RFID used by ReboundTAG’s Microchip Bag Tag to prevent lost and stolen luggage at the airport.

Whenever you fly, losing your luggage may be a bit of concern, but you many think, “oh, that would never happen to me.” But, did you know approximately 42 million pieces of luggage went missing last year?

Now, there’s a company employing RFID technology to prevent such things from happening. ReboundTAG has Created Microchip Bag Tag, which focuses on preventing baggage loss for consumers through the use of RFID.

The Microchip Bag Tag allows luggage to be identified by airlines and airport personnel, but if it’s found somewhere else, there is also a printed number on the tag which can by typed into the “I’ve Found Something” section of the website. From there, ReboundTAG automatically send the person who is missing their luggage a SMS.

Each tag contains two microchips that contain ReboundTAG’s ID and another with 128 bits of space in order for airlines and airports with their own RFID systems can add their ID. In addition, there’s a barcode that airlines without RFID can scan.
Currently, the Microchip Bag Tag is an external tag that would be attached to the outside of luggage, but ReboundTAG is working with luggage manufacturers in order to create specialty luggage with built-in tags.

As technology continues to develop, and more airports and airlines use RFID technology, I can definitely see something like the Microchip Bag Tag system becoming a traveling essential.

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