RFID Tags for Pets: Keep Fido Safe

RFID Implant for Pets Although RFID tags for pets have been around for a couple of years, they have not become extremely popular in America. In contrast, about 25% of dogs and cats in Great Britain are tagged. There are two ways in which your pet can become tagged; one is to simply use an RFID chip embedded collar, and the other is injection. Either way, RFID technology could end up saving your pets life!

The Collar
The RFID Dog Collar is a long range RFID chip embedded in an ultrasonically sealed water resistant collar. With the proper software, the RFID collar can be used to open pet doors, or provide text alerts if your pet leaves the range of the reader.

The Implant
The RFID implant for pets requires a simple visit to the vet, and is similar to getting a shot or vaccination. After the RFID implant is inserted into your pet, you can register your pet into a database. Should your pet go missing and is found by an animal shelter or vet, they will be able to scan your pet and contact you so that you can finally be reunited. Check out HomeAgain if you are interested in having an RFID chip implanted in your pety.