RFID Socks

If you’ve ever done a load of laundry, you know that its not always guaranteed you’ll receive all of your pairs of socks back. While no one’s sure where they all go, if you’re one of the many frustrated sock-wearers, there could be a sock alternative for you.

Switzerland’s BLACKSOCKS started a Sockscription system that allows consumers to receive new, premium Italian socks. To ensure socks aren’t lost, they’re smart—Smarter Socks communicate with the sock wearers’ iPhone to deliver a premium sock-sorting experience.

Each sock has an individual RFID chip attached to the cuff, which contains a unique sock ID number. With the Smarter Sock system, users get an RFID scanner and free iPhone app.

After a load of socks is finished being washed, the scanner sends data via Bluetooth to the iPhone. From there, the app will tell the user how old the sock is, which foot it is for, how many times it has been washed, and which sock is its partner. This makes making pairs of socks much easier, and once matched, the app updates the number of washings for the pair. There’s even a Blackometer function to measure the darkness of socks, ensuring that socks stay true to their color.

So, what about those pesky disappearing socks? Should an individual sock go missing, the app allows the remaining partner to be newly paired with another single sock.

What will they thing of next? RFID for underwear? Would you use an RFID-based sock system? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.