RFID Sensors Used to Track Bees

RFID sensors are being used to track the location of bees in order to figure out why bees have been dying off over the past decade.

While you may be familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT) are you familiar with the Internet of Bees?

Australian scientists wanted to explore why honey bees are dying. So, they decided to go high-tech and attach RFID sensors to 5,000 honey bees.

The RFID sensors are .1 x .1 inches and broadcast each bee’s location in real-time. Data is sent to a server, where scientists are working on a 3D model of the bees’ movements, looking for anything obscure in their behavior.

Over the past ten or so years, millions of bees have died and beehives have essentially become graveyards due to Colony Collapse Disorder. Scientists have been struggling to find out the cause behind the dying bees, but it wasn’t until now that RFID tracking has been involved.

If RFID tracking detects odd behavioral patterns at certain locations, it may point to exposure to something in the environment, such as pesticides and scientists can then investigate further.

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