RFID: Remove Before Washing or Wearing

If you’ve been shopping recently, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the cumbersome squarish tags that have been popping up on the inside of clothing everywhere. These tags are none-other than RFID tags, which many retailers such as American Apparel, are using for inventory tracking within their stores.

The tags state, “remove before washing or wearing,” but they don’t state why. Quite honestly, I don’t always remove the tags… there aren’t always scissors handy, and you can’t simply rip it out for fear of damaging the clothing.

While its possible to destroy an RFID tag by crushing or puncturing it, most RFID tags are able to withstand years of wearing, washing, and drying. Mostly, if you don’t remove the tag, you may set off a store alarm upon your next return, but others are concerned about privacy. To those people, I would advise getting rid of your cell phone. Being tracked by RFID tags in clothing should not be a concern, as stores simply use the technology for inventory purposes.

However, there are still skeptics. What do you think? Is RFID in our clothing the next step toward big brother, or is it simply for inventory purposes. Let us know what you think by commenting here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.