RFID Provides Contactless Entry for Hotel Guests

If you’ve ever been frustrated because your hotel key doesn’t work anymore due to demagnetization, then the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Brooklyn could be a new destination for you.

The hotel is one of Marriott’s first properties to feature contactless RFID locks. The locks were installed in all 133 of the rooms, allowing guests easy and reliable entry into their rooms.

The locking hardware needed is minimally visible on the door, with only a small signal reader, and locks provide maximum security with powerful anti-cloning technology. The RFID readers were also designed to easily adapt to use NFC technology so that guests could also use their smartphones instead.

Providing a contactless RFID solution to hotel guests will offer them the utmost in convenience, while also saving time for both guests and staff due to demagnetization issues.