RFID Printers: The Intermec PM4i

intermec pm4iIf you’re looking for an RFID barcode printer, the Intermec PM4i offers a great mix of reliability, ruggedness and performance. Creating RFID smart labels for applications is easy and by using frequency-agile RFID tags, the Intermec PM4i allows for simultaneous encoding and printing of labels that enable the tag to be read by multiple frequency standards.

In addition, the PM4i can be used as a “smart client” in order to run user-defined programs for stand-alone printer applications, such as operating additional hardware and access information from a network host, thus eliminating the need for a personal computer.

The Intermec PM4i also integrates with EasyLAN Ethernet, USB, and serial interfaces. In addition, uisers can add extra EasyLAN Wireless, which uses an integrated standard 802.11 radio, and/or industrial interface boards. This ensures secure printing and network infrastructure for every environment.

The Intermec PM4i also features:

  • UHF Gen 2 Support
  • Customer investment protection that support the growth of RFID standards
  • Frequency-agile UHF tag encoding capability
  • Simultaneous printing of barcodes, human-readable text, and graphics
  • Stand-alone printer application support
  • Whether for use in an industrial, warehouse, or logistics environment, all items can be labeled and tracked with RFID for total data collection throughout the supply chain.

    If you’re interested in the Intermec PM4i printer, you can learn more here.