RFID Printers Adapt To Changing Market Needs

zebraprinterWith the growing popularity of RFID technology, it’s important that printers keep up to speed, shifting from a supply chain dominant market to closed-loop applications. Printer manufacturers have begun designing solutions that are built into the printer in order to meet a growing range of business needs.

Although RFID has primarily used in manufacturing and distribution markets, the technology is popping up in commercial services such as libraries, government agencies, and the oil/gas industry. Rather than specifically being used for supply chain management, companies across a variety of verticals are looking to the technology for internally focused systems such as work-in-process tracking.

Because of all the new applications, RFID smart printers are in high demand. Users want versatile printers that can handle common RFID inlays and that have large data storage capacity, but at the same time are easy to service and integrate with existing network technology… all at an affordable price. Rather than having printers that can be adapted for RFID, the new printers are being produced with RFID in mind, creating a more application driven device.

Although some companies may dismiss RFID printers as a non-essential, they play a critical role in enabling RFID applications. Their high ROI potential makes them a great investment that will add value to any organization by improving operational efficiencies.