RFID Meets Social Media via LinkedIn

RFID is being used at conferences to connect attendee’s to their LinkedIn profiles

Earlier, we discussed how RFID was being used to link vacationers to their Facebook profiles and then by Mercedes Benz at the PGA championship. Now, RFID and social media have been combined to connect conference-goers to LinkedIn profiles.

Trialed at the UK and Ireland SAP User Group’s conference, “In” stations were scattered throughout the event, allowing attendees to “check-in” to various sessions throughout the conference and link to speakers, all of which would be posted to their LinkedIn profiles. Each “In” station was equipped with an RFID reader.

Once attendees placed their RFID badge near the station, the badge ID was forwarded to software on a hosted server from a cabled connection. From there, the software would retrieve the attendee’s LinkedIn page and conference information was auto-posted.

While Facebook RFID solutions have been done before, this is believed to be the first LinkedIn solution. For conferences and tradeshows, I think this is a great idea. Share your thoughts on RFID and social media by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.