RFID Increases Participation in Recycling Program

Intermec recently announced a partnership with Sonrai Systems, a provider of waste management solutions that helped to create an RFID-based recycling solution in Charleston County, SC.

By using RFID, Charleston County was able to achieve premium levels of accuracy in its environmental management program, increasing productivity rates by 83%. Charleston County has an ambitious solid waste diversion goal of 40%. In order to achieve this, the county needed to shift from curb-sorted manual bin collection to a wheeled cart program.

Recycle carts are a part of single-stream recycling, meaning paper, plastics, glass, aluminum and steel are recycled together rather than having to be separated into two bins, making recycling more convenient and easier to understand for residents.

Once the recycling pilot was implemented, participation at least doubled, sometimes exceeding 70% thanks to the use of RFID technology. The county has received approval to implement RFID in an additional 5,000 homes after the initial pilot rolled out in January 2011. “Intermec delivers on the promise of scalable RFID systems, redefining the way Charleston County captures and shares information,” Mike Nichols, director of RFID, Intermec, Inc.”

Since the pilot was so successful, I’m sure the next group of residents will only add to the success of Charleston County, SC, making the community a greener place to live. Remember, this isn’t the first time RFID has been used… it was piloted in Cleveland to keep track of who’s recycling and who’s not.

Is recycling easy to do in your community, or are you still having to separate paper and plastics? Let us know by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.