RFID in Your Cheese?

Well, not exactly in your cheese, but Turin Business Group has been exploring potential uses of RFID technology for the cheese industry. The group has been planning a deployment of RFID and barcode technology that would ultimately allow consumers to view the history of their cheese, including the milk from which it was produced.

During a pilot, dairy farmers placed high-frequency (HF) RFID tags on wheels of cheese and used handheld devices to to read the tags. Each tag’s ID number linked to information stored on a web-based server Merchants will be able to use handheld readers to record the cheese’s arrival to the store and the date that the product was placed in the store for purchase.

From there, customers will be able to bring the cheese to an RFID-enabled kiosk to learn more about the product before they buy it. In addition, the system would allow stores to improve their cheese inventory management. Farmers will even be able to view a history of cow productivity at their farms by accessing data regarding each cow’a milk yeilds, including cheese made from that milk. This allows cheese to be directly linked with the cow who provided the milk to make it.

The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance the product by giving consumers complete visibility into the origins of it, in addition to providing information from a supply-chain traceability perspective.

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