RFID in Toys: Kota the Baby Triceratops

Kota the Triceratops: RFID in Toys Tis the season for Holiday shopping, and if you’re wondering what toy will keep your child interested for more than a week, then Kota, the RFID baby triceratops is the perfect gift! This 40″ baby triceratops from Playskool is large enough for your small child to ride upon and interesting enough to not only keep your kids occupied, but also intrigue them with technology.

Kota has over nine movement sensors throughout his/her body and reacts to touch by moving its head, horns, tail, etc. In addition, Kota is also able to play adventurous music. Through the use of RFID technology, Kota is also albe to “eat” RFID embedded leaves.

To see Kota in action, check out this video.