RFID in the NFL: FTW!

NFL Players Are Given RFID Chips for Real-Time Updates

As with every fall, many Americans turn to thoughts of leaves falling, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, football! But this fall, there’s a new player in town—RFID.

RFID for Football
While Zebra has worked tirelessly through the years to ensure our supply chain data is in real-time, there’s no reason this can’t be applied to football, or really, any sport. Thanks to Zebra Technologies, RFID tracking will be used in football to measure a player’s speed, distance and direction traveled.

How It Works
Two sensors are fitted into the shoulder pads of every football player and emit unique radio frequencies at 15 times per second.

Receivers are mounted between upper and lower decks of the stadium and are able to read signals from all players on the field, pinpointing their position, tracking speed, acceleration and distance traveled—all in real time!

Algorithms are then used to aggregate data and create player stats, displaying on analytics software. From there, data is interpreted by media producers to create sports graphics that we see on our TV’s, smartphones and tablets in real-time.

In addition, viewers at home can see it all come to life in the NFL 2015 app for Xbox One and Windows 10.

See the fact sheet on how Zebra is revolutionizing the NFL.