RFID Implants: Will They Become Mainstream?

At this years Toorcamp, a meetup for Hackers, there was an “implantation station” where, for $30, attendees could get RFID chips implanted into their hands.

The two-millimeter diameter EM4012 RFID chip was implanted between the thumb and the index finger using a high-gauge syringe. Throughout the weekend, a total of eight attendees underwent the RFID implantation of the 500 at Toorcamp. The “implantation station” was out in the open for all to see, and was available to anyone who was willing to sign a liability waiver and pay the fee.

Arnal Graafstra, the man behind the “implantation station,” uses the RFID chips to access his home, turn on his motorcycle and even authenticate his phone, the NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy Nexus. While some may think that hackers would be concerned with privacy, Graafstra insists that the chips he implants are difficult to read from more than a few inches away.

Graafstra keeps his “implantation station” to the confines of Toorcamp for now, but perhaps one day, RFID implants will become mainstream?

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