RFID Implants: A Handy Thing to Have

While RFID technology continues to expand across different markets, it’s not everyday that you hear about an individual getting an RFID implant just for convenience. That’s exactly what Joe Wooler, a 28 year old IT professional from Australia, did.

On Wednesday, June 16th Wooler underwent minor surgery to get the RFID impant in his hand. But why, you may ask? Two months prior to the surgery, Wooler stated, “Ok, So i have been looking into RFID a fair bit lately and I have decided to implant a Hitag S rfid chip into my hand. My goal is to get rid of all my keys (house, car and bike) and just use rfid. I don’t want to carry anything around with me so the best solution is to implant it!” on his blog. As of now, Wooler has the RFID chip working with the front door of his house, but also plans on having it work with his motorcycle, car, and eventually for the communications equipment cabinets at his workplace! While he realizes the RFID chip won’t be able to do everything, simply eliminating keys from Woolers life would make him pleased.

While Wooler and his “geek” friends think the implant is cool, which I personally think is great, I still think that there are a lot of people out there who regard RFID implants as “the mark of the beast.” What do you think… would you get an RFID implant for the sake of convenience? Let us know by commenting, or posting on our Facebook page.

Watch the video of Joe Wooler getting the RFID implant procedure done. (Warning: contains some blood)