RFID Helps Robots

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.34.12 PMAlthough its been over 50 years since the Jetsons first aired, the idea of having a family robot/maid such as Rosie is not exactly commonplace in today’s average household. However, RFID could change that. “Robot vision,” or the comprehension of what the robot sees, is one of the most major pitfalls when it comes to household robots. However, with NFC and RFID, robots wouldn’t have to be subjected to the limitations of human senses.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently implemented a system using UHF RFID tags that are placed on objects throughout a room that robots are able to track. They developed an algorithm that improves the robot’s ability to locate and navigate towards tagged objects that works similar to a “hotter or colder” style search. Stronger RFID signals are received when they move towards the desired object.

With a little bit of effort, a robot could easily assist in finding objects in your home. Could this be the next step in having our own personal Rosie’s?

Read the full paper or watch the video below to learn more.