RFID Goes the Distance with ASICS

ASICS, a manufacturer of running shoes and clothing has been working with companies to provide video and images of supporters of marathon runners as they pass by RFID reader. This service, coined Support Your Marathoner, debuted at last year’s New York City Marathon and featured videos of encouraging friends and family, displayed on gigantic LED screens, as runners passed by. This year, ASICS plan to offer the same service, only bigger and better.

The Support Your Marathoner system woks by using RFID-based timing technology and implements a total of 46 RFID readers throughout the course with antennas running across the track and each runner wearing an UHF Gen 2 RFID tag.

As runners’ RFID tags pass through the readers, data is sent to a cloud-based server and contains valuable running time information, in addition to displaying personalized messages to runners.

This year, ASICS will launch a social media campaign in order to encourage friends and family of those running the marathon to submit videos. In addition, the video screens will be larger than in previous years.

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