RFID for Retailers: A Free Webinar!

Recently, we discussed American Apparel’s adoption of RFID technology and what a positive impact its made on their business. If you’re a retailer and wondering how RFID can benefit your business, then you’re in luck. The RFID Journal is hosting a free webinar for apparel and footwear retailers and supplier that will discuss RFID in-depth. Issues such as back-end integration, changes in business process, system complexity, tagging challenges and other issues will all be discussed to give you a close-up of RFID technology.

If you’re interested in attending, the webinar, “RFID Made Easy for Apparel Retailers: Cost-Effective Ways to deploy RFID in Soft Goods Stores,” will be held on June 23, 2010 at 2:00pm EDT. The webinar will include these experienced panelists:

  • Zander Livingston, formerly the director of RFID for clothing retailer American Apparel and now the CEO of Truecount Corp., a consultancy firm
  • Rose Depoe, Avery Dennison’s global director of RFID strategic solutions and alliances
  • James M. Kress, VP of sales for Tyco’s Retail Solutions division

While many retailers are interested in implementing an RFID-based system, they are concerned that their current back-end will be completely destroyed, which isn’t true at all! The webinar will put these worries and more to rest, so register here.