RFID for Potholes

With the New Year soon approaching, winter is in full force. The harsh weather can give the roads a beating, causing severe cracks and potholes, but now, RFID can help.

German researchers worked to come up with a cost effective solution and found that using geosynthetics with RFID labels could make all the difference in saving the roads. RFID chips are used to store information about the strengths and structures of road layers, road construction data and other qualities. To read this data, vehicles are equipped with write/read RFID readers allowing the information to be read, changed if necessary and stored.

Each RFID transponder is protected from the elements with a plastic coating and a special adhesive ensures firm bonding of the RFID label to the geosynthetic material. The RFID transponder is high-frequency, allowing it to be read even in deep asphalt.

These RFID labels will allow for crucial data to be shared with road maintenance workers, ensuring road conditions are kept up despite the harsh weather.