In order to prevent another travesty like the oil spill that occurred in 2010, BP is installing a corrosion-monitoring system using RFID for their steel pipes at 11 refineries. BP is able to attach battery-powered wireless sensors to the pipe’s exterior, allowing for remote measurement of the thickness of each pipe’s wall.

Over the next few years, BP plans to install thousands of sensors. Each sensor will send ultrasonic waves into a pipe wall and measure the waves reflected back. Then, the sensor’s RFID chip will transmit its unique ID number and the data at preset intervals. Once the data is transmitted, a servers hosted by BP stores and interprets the information, then making it available to engineers and management online.

Eventually, BP’s refineries could contain tens of thousands of systems in order to prevent pipe corrosion. Obviously, BP is making a big investment in improving their current structure for the good of the world. Let us know what you think about BP implementing RFID technology by commenting here, or on our facebook or twitter pages.