RFID for Beverage Distributors

RFID technology is used across a variety of different industries. These days, everyone is looking to do more with less and increase their efficiency—even beverage-makers and distributors.

“Distributor consolidation and line extensions have upped the ante more mission-critical, route-based data collection, said Ken Currie, Barcoding Inc. director of business development and marketing. “Real-time communication and data capture equipment that drive route optimization and execution, route accounting and sales and merchandising operations are now ‘must-haves’ for distributors. There are more choices in available platforms than ever before and the management and integration of these platforms with legacy systems is a daunting task.”

Although upgrading legacy systems seems overwhelming, Barcoding Inc. makes it easy by using automated data capture and wireless technology to aid in the development, deployment and management of supply chain mobility systems. In addition to needing state-of-the-art for distribution center operations, field workers often need mixed systems, such as rugged mobile computers, smartphones, tablets and mobile printers for the most efficient route-based data collection process.

The use of RFID technology is constantly increasing and, “We don’t see the slow-down in platform proliferation happening anytime soon. In fact, the iPod and iPad generation will only make the new workforce more apt to use the technology that they are comfortable with,” said Currie.

Barcoding Inc. is noticing more and more opportunities available to beverage distributors in order to leverage their people, processes and technology, in addition to facilitating the forecasting process. With better forecasting, companies will be able to have, “…greater customer service, improved inventory turn and the ability to make real-time business adjustments to both,” concluded Currie. The ability to make real-time business decisions is priceless—workers need to be able to think on their feet, but now the technology is there for them to make informed decisions.

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This article was based on a feature on pg. 47 of the September 2011 issue of Beverage Industry.