RFID Expert Discusses Adoption

In a recent interview with Frost & Sullivan, Mike Nichols, director of RFID business development at Intermec Technologies, shared his thoughts on the technology.

Nichols believes that one of the biggest challenges is the market—many think of RFID as a replacement for barcodes, which is not the case.

Intelligent tags are becoming a trend and allow for a broader market. Rather than focusing on asset tracking or supply chain visibility, intelligent tags offer more information, allowing more applications to collect more data. Intermec’s focus is to find out how customers use data from their RFID tags and how they use that to better their overall system intelligence and incorporate it throughout the enterprise.

As far as the future of RFID, Nichols predicts a surge in RFID adoption from the aerospace and transportation industries. Currently, RFID is being used in third world countries for electronic vehicle registration in order to create a tolling system for easier management of roadways. Nichols sees this system moving into developed countries and further perpetuating RFID.

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