RFID Essentials: Comprehensive RFID Training

As you probably already know, RFID technology continues to gain momentum as not only a complementary extension to barcodes, but also as a technology that can provide a viable solution on its own.  If your business is thinking about adopting RFID, it’s important that your employees are educated and trained to take full advantage of the technology.  

RFID Essentials, brought to you by RFID Revolution, provides exactly this type of training in a user-friendly e-learning atmosphere.  This comprehensive training allows users to choose their own pace, provides great content, Virtual Workshop exercises and even offers tests that ensure your understanding of the material.  I’ve heard great things about this program because they offer training that can help any organization evaluate, organize and initiate RFID implementation.

The RFID Essentials first course “Introduction to RFID,” explains RFID technology, standards, applications and more.  This will provide your employees with the knowledge and confidence to support your RFID adoption.  Check out the Full Syllabus for more information on the first course.  Individuals can also register for entire course packages or individual modules that are tailored to your specific learning requirements.  Additionally, for enterprises planning on ten or more users, RFID Revolution offers an Enterprise-Multi-User License at a discounted price.  This option is ideal for companies that want training across the board.  If you’re considering RFID adoption, the best course of action is training to ensure you do it right.  To register for courses, simply visit RFID Essentials and create a new account.