RFID Connects Vacationers to their Facebook Profile

Discover how one Ibiza resort is using RFID technology and social media for free advertising

The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel recently launched a social media campaign integrating Facebook and RFID

When guests check-in to the hotel, they are given the option to receive a wristband that can be synced with their Facebook profile. Rather than having to use a computer or carry their phone, vacationers can simply wear a wristband, walk by rfid-enabled facebook signs throughout the resort, and can be instantly “checked-in” on Facebook Places.

For vacationers, this saves time, and prevents having to carry around a phone all the time. But, for the hotel’s marketing personnel, it’s considered free advertising. If vacationers are constantly checking in and uploading photos and videos, their friends are bound to see it and may consider booking a future vacation.

While many social media campaigns utilize QR codes, and some even use NFC, it’s rare to find one that is soley-based on RFID. One that comes to mind is the campaign that Vail Ski Resort implemented last year, but can you think of any others? Let us know by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.