RFID Chips in Cell Phones

At a recent conference in Stockholm, Ericsson’s vice-president of systems architecture predicted that in a few years, every new cell phone will be enabled with near field communication, a two-way bi-directional RFID communication link that will allow phones to work as a tag or a reader.

The RFID chips inside the mobile devices will be placed in a secure environment on the SM card, where secure elements can be downloaded. With this technology, it would be quite possible for cell phones to also become the keys to your car or house, a credit card, or concert ticket.

In addition, a mobile phone with RFID chip could become a means of fraud detection via mobile user location data and IP mapping to decipher whether a transaction is taking place in the vicinity of the card holder. Another example of how this technology could be used is by creating real-time traffic maps by analyzing the speed of the mobile phones, creating dynamic travel information for GPS services.

While RFID chips in cell phones are not currently be implemented in any of the aforementioned ways, it’s only a matter of time before they are in all cell phones!