RFID Beverage Tracking System

Beverage Metrics recently released an inventory and drink pouring management system for liquor and wine. RFID battery-powered tags and readers, in addition to software, allow the company to help bars measure how much liquor a bartender pours in a drink based on a tilt sensor in the RFID tag, preventing excessive pouring. The system can also provide detailed bar reports at events such as weddings by tracking exactly how much bottled liquor or wine was poured. Customers can even receive an alert if bottles disappear for the system, or when to order additional inventory.

When a bar receives a box of liquor from the distributor, RFID tags, which wrap around the neck of each bottle, are attached and then scanned. Then, the UPC barcode printed on the box is then scanned, linking the tag to the bottle in the system.

When to bottle goes out to the bar, the tag is read by a fixed RFID reader connected to a PC and a built-in battery powers the transmission of the tag, which can be read from up to 100 feet away. In addition, the battery powers the tags tilt sensor, which detects when the bottle is inverted, when it returns to upright position and at what angle it was inverted. The tag is able to store the sensor data in its memory, then transmitting it to the reader after every pour. The tag’s unique ID number is linked to the specific bottle, and its barcode number whithin the software solution. From there, the software is able to analyze the data from the tag’s bottle angle sensor in order to determine how much liquor was poured.

The system seems very accurate, and would definitely come in handy for bar owners, but it may make bartenders a bit weary. What do you think about the Beverage Metrics system? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.