RFID at the Gas Station

RFID will be changing the way many truck drivers fill up at the gas pump.

Truck drivers may not have to ever waste time en route again. TravelCenters of America recently announced they will be installing an RFID-enabled cardless fuel transaction system at all of their locations. The system, Fuel Island Manager, allows travel centers and transportation companies an easy, efficient way for drivers to fill up their tanks. In addition, it offers control and visibility to the fuel-purchasing process.

Essentially, trucking companies will install RFID tags in their vehicles. When the truck driver visits a TravelCenter of America, they simply need to pull alongside the RFID fuel dispensers and voila—no payment card needed. By not needing a card, data entry is eliminated, so drivers spend less time at the pump and companies needn’t be concerned about unauthorized purchases.

TravelCenters of America will be deploying the RFID fuel dispensers beginning in 2012. The system will also be rolled out select Love’s travel stops throughout the country.

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