RFID at School

The Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, TX recently announced its plan to use RFID chips in student ID cards to track student location throughout the day. Two campuses in the district will pilot the program, but should the pilots be successful, the district will implement RFID student ID cards throughout its 112 schools.

Education officials believe that RFID student ID cards will help improve student safety, allowing schools to find them in case of an emergency. If addition, teachers will enjoy being able to easily and accurately keep track of attendance.

While the plan was approved by the school board, many board members were concerned about adopting RFID technology because of privacy issues. However, students can only be tracked while on school property.

Parents of affected students will receive letters in the mail, detailing the program and answering frequently asked questions. While some parents couldn’t be more thrilled, others are concerned about privacy.

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