RFID & Art

RFID tags are being used to monitor high-value pieces of art.

At first glance, you may not think that RFID and Art have any relation—after all, art has been around for centuries and RFID is a relatively new technology. But now, RFID is being used by art dealers, owners and insurance companies in order to protect and preserve the condition and location of high-value art.

Active RFID tags are attached to artwork with the supervision by a professional art hanger. Each RFID tag’s ID number is linked to the specific piece of art that it’s attached to. In addition to tracking location, the RFID tag also has a sensor to detect any vibrations, in addition to measuring temperature, humidity and light levels. The collected data is transmitted with the unique ID to computers at a rate of once per second.

Should any artwork get bumped, the sensor will immediately detect it and send an alert, which can be sent to the artwork’s owner or manager via text or e-mail. Alerts will also be triggered if other sensor data, such is temperature, is outside of an acceptable range.

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