RFID Alert System

RFID Alert SystemRecently, a team of Spanish researchers developed a system using RFID technology to remind elderly and special needs persons to perform necessary tasks, such as taking medication. The system was designed by researchers at the University of Granada in Southern Spain and recognizes everyday actions by using RFID labels. The labels themselves can be easily placed on objects that the individual uses and needs most often and then they can communicate with a computer or mobile device in the house or care center.

Activities are assessed using artificial intelligence techniques to compile a list of actions before leaving the house. The system also monitors movements by analyzing when users touch an object, which can then sound an alarm followed by a reminder on a mobile device to take action.

In order to test this prototype, researchers designed a simulation of the rooms in a house with sensors embedded in them to recognize the behavior of its occupants. The researchers monitored the users individually and then created an individual database. After that, participants were asked to verify the reliability of the system and also rate the degree of intrusion that they felt.

They concluded that the system is most beneficial to those who do not like the aid of others in order to keep their independence. By having a system such as the RFID alert system, people who need care can still perform all of their daily tasks with less intrusion than that of a constant caregiver.