RFID Across the Enterprise

The RFID Journal recently posted an article that I couldn’t agree more with. Essentially, rather than using RFID to solve one problem within an organization, it details how RFID benefits the entire organization by linking different business units to create a more unified organization.

For retailers, RFID offers the perfect way to link the various brick and mortar stores with online inventory. Macy’s, for example, used RFID to help customers buy an item online and pick it up at a store and have an item shipped from a nearby store to their home. With so many locations, in addition to their online presence, RFID created the necessary and accurate inventory visibility to connect all of Macy’s.

The healthcare sector has also used RFID to track patients from when they check in to when they are billed. By not only improving bed management, but also using RTLS to keep track of equipment used in the room to automatically bill a patient, the hospital improves on a more holistic level and becomes more efficient across so many different departments.

Rather than focusing on how RFID could solve a single problem, looking at it on a more holistic level allows for increased productivity across all business units and thus, a greater ROI. Such big picture RFID implementations should also be able to more easily persuade executives to invest in the technology.

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