Retailers Are Watching: The EyeSee Mannequin

The EyeSee Mannuquin uses RFID and facial recognition technology to analyze retail customers’ demographics.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Mannequin, then perhaps you are intrigued, and maybe even slightly suspicious of them. As we begin 2014, it would be nice to put those fears to rest, but unfortunately, the new year will only bring more suspicion surrounding these plastic humans.

The EyeSee Mannequin utilizes RFID technology and has cameras for eyes, audio recording capabilities, a computer that can analyze shoppers’ faces and a modem to upload the data to a server. With the EyeSee Mannequin, retailers can acquire more data about their customers. Details such as sex, age range, ethnicity and time spend looking at the mannequins’ outfit can all be divulged through facial recognition software.

Retailers want to know more about their shoppers and how they look at displays. For example, if the majority of customers are male, but the majority of mannequins are female, the store might want to take note and add more male mannequins to encourage purchases. In addition, retailers can choose to have nearby lcd screens display ads based on the customers’ demographics.

Inside the mannequin, data is captured and uploaded to a portal for the store. Although it may seem like spying and an invasion of privacy, the EyeSee Mannequin does not store any of the images it captures. However, it will soon be able to capture keywords exchanged between people. That being said, words will be captured and analyzed, not recorded.

So next time you see a mannequin, she just might be watching you. But, it’s unlikely she’ll fall in love. Check out the video below to watch the EyeSee Mannequin in action:

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