Retail IT’s Device Dilemma

Right now, IT in retail is facing a dilemma when it comes to mobile devices. While workers want devices that operate much like their smartphones do, management is more concerned about reliability and security—something that most consumer smartphones do not provide in retail settings.

While IT managers sometimes consider buying smartphones for employees because of their overall value and familiarity, these devices do not offer all the capabilities that many businesses need. There is also the issue of dependability and compatibility. While enterprise devices are sometimes criticized for their cost and complicated operations, the reality is that they work far better than smartphones when it comes to integration and durability.

The Best of Both Worlds

IT managers need the best of both worlds. They want devices that can handle everything the business wants while still appeasing the employees who will carry them around and use them every day.

One good option is the Zebra TC51, a touch computer that was designed with the needs of retail in mind. It features Android, making it user-friendly, and it has the technology, services and software that Zebra is known for.

It can capture 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and easily, even those that are in poor condition. It uses Gorilla Glass for its touch panel and imager window to resist scratches and shattering. This durable device can be dropped four feet without missing a beat. The battery can handle as many as 14 hours of operation, which means it will not run out during most standard shifts, and it is also user replaceable. Finally, unique dedicated keys can be assigned on either side of the display to enable users to access the apps and features they use most frequently with just one touch.

The TC51 nicely bridges the gap between what employees want and what businesses need, ensuring that mobile workforces are empowered in a cost-efficient way.

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