Renting Barcode Scanners: An Ideal Solution to Meet Short-Term Needs

Big operations that tend to experience very little seasonal fluctuation can usually manage to determine their scanning requirements and purchase an adequate number of barcode scanners. However, for many businesses, needs can shift throughout the year. Special events such as trade shows and peak seasons can sometimes create a short-term need for additional barcode scanners. It doesn’t make sense to invest in these devices if they’re only needed a few weeks or months out of the year, but it’s not possible to get through these times without them. How can businesses best manage this situation?

A barcode rental service such as what Barcoding, Inc. offers can help fill this occasional need. We have a big inventory of some of the industry’s most popular devices for scanning and collecting data, such as the Zebra TC70 and TC55 and Zebra mobile printers. Whether it’s for a year-end physical inventory or a seasonal surge, your business can cover all of its bases without a big investment.

Barcode Scanner Rental Program Comes With Support

In addition to providing the hardware, we also place a team at the business’s disposal to help answer any questions that arise and load the required software applications. We can load and flash each unit with the software so it’s just a matter of unboxing it and getting straight to work, and can also pre-load custom barcode tracking software to handle your particular data collection needs. Our rentals start at just two weeks, and discounts are offered for extended periods and high-volume rentals. Customers report that the handhelds are surprisingly simple to operate and capable of placing orders quickly and accurately.

Barcoding, Inc. also offers software to simplify data collection by customizing software applications. Meanwhile, our XPO Access can help you grant access and manage attendees securely at trade shows and other events. It’s ideal for festivals, commencements, conferences, and concerts, or any time you need to manage several locations or VIP levels.

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