Rental Calculating and Billing Investment Pays Off For Gas Distributor

Industrial, medical and bulk specialty gas distributor Red Ball Oxygen Companydeals with nearly 6,000 customers across 16 locations in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, and having the right systems in place to manage such extensive operations is of the utmost importance.

While the firm saw a dramatic transformation in the accuracy of its records after three years of using TrackAbout cylinder tracking, they wanted to take this one step further and improve their system for rental calculation and billing, too. They also wanted to move cylinder rental billing away from their legacy computer system.

Red Ball President Bob Ewing said that going with TrackAbout to develop the new rental billing system was an obvious choice given the efficacy that can be gained by having the rental bills come from the tracking data. The firm’s rental bills, which were difficult to decipher in the past, are now crystal clear and easy for customers to understand – and more importantly, pay.

In addition, their new system is freeing up their employees’ time to focus on other aspects of business. Printing and mailing invoices to clients used to take several days a month, but now it’s simply a matter of reviewing the PDF files and letting TrackAbout’s third-party mailer handle the rest. This means they get much more accurate invoices for a lot less effort.

Bottom Line Grew by $200,000 Annually

Red Ball has also been able to recover and bill for a number of missing assets thanks to TrackAbout’s ability to capture unique asset IDs. They have also been noting increases in rental revenues as the system charges rent on days the cylinders are delivered and returned, making their bottom line $200,000 higher.

Now that customers are able to access their account data online, cylinder discrepancy disputes are almost unheard of, and customers can answer a lot of their billing questions without even contacting the company. Ewing feels that the solution gives the firm a competitive advantage, and he believe their investment will continue to pay off for many years.

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