Rely on Durable, Pretested Labels – Video of the Week

Today’s Video
Happy Thursday! Today, we are excited to share another Video of the Week, with updates on the latest in the industry from us and our partners. If you missed last week’s video and post, you can find them here. Today, we are sharing an inside look into products from one of our partners, Zebra Technologies.

About Zebra
Zebra Technologies is a global leader as a solution provider of thermal barcode label and receipt printers, card printers, RFID smart label printers, and more. Barcoding, Inc. is one of a handful of Nationally Recognized Partners by Zebra Technologies, a Zebra Authorized Repair Center (ZASP), and a Zebra RFID Certified Partner. Learn more about our partnership with Zebra.

Label Durability
Products that require labels require labels that work. Are you using durable, reliable labels? With Zebra Certified Supplies, ensure that your barcodes last and can be successfully scanned when you need them. Zebra labels and products go through thorough pretesting, including environmental testing that includes outdoor and chemical resistance. By using the proper ribbon, you can prevent faded labels, and consequently save money and time by getting it right the first time.

Press Play
In the video below, you can see the difference in industry-leading Zebra Certified Supplies.

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