Reduce Printhead Failure with Zebra Certified Supplies – Video of the Week

Today’s Video
For this Thursday’s Video of the Week post, we are excited to present content from one of our partners, Zebra Technologies. If you haven’t seen last week’s video and post yet, you can find them here.

About Zebra
Zebra Technologies is a global leader as a solution provider of thermal barcode label and receipt printers, card printers, RFID smart label printers, and more. Barcoding, Inc. is one of a handful of Nationally Recognized Partners by Zebra Technologies, a Zebra Authorized Repair Center (ZASP), and a Zebra RFID Certified Partner. Learn more about our partnerships with Zebra.

Accuracy Matters
When it comes to your business, every label matters. Get it right the first time with Zebra certified supplies. Third party rough labels can cause issues like premature printhead failure. Using Zebra printers for your labels can help operations run smoothly, saving you time, money, and headache. Explore our Labeling and Printing services here.

Press Play
Watch the video below to learn how the right printer can help you be more efficient, accurate, and connected. Enjoy!

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