Recent WiMAX Venture Has Many Wondering if the Wireless Revolution Has Arrived

The wireless revolution may not have this link officially arrived just yet, but it is definitely headed this way.  Sprint Nextel has announced their plans to partner with Clearwire to provide the next generation nationwide wireless network.

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is the 2nd generation protocol that Sprint and Clearwire plan on deploying to target 120 to 140 million people by 2010.  This partnership will provide users with high speed Internet access, voice, and multimedia all via laptops, cell phones, and other handheld devices.  Similar to WiFi, WiMAX allows more efficient bandwidth and provides higher speeds, over a greater distance, to a greater number of users.  WiMAX will provide broad coverage instead of focusing on small hot spots like WiFi, while also providing the high speed of broadband service.  WiMAX has the potential to cover large expanses of land with a typical radius of 30 miles compared to the 100 ft. that WiFi currently offers.  In addition, WiMAX can transmit up to 70 megabits per second while the most one can hope for with WiFi is 54 megabits per second.  The increased radius and the benefits of WiMAX compared to WiFi are staggering and one can only imagine what changes this technology will bring about.