How Real-Time Data Can Help Warehouses

If you are looking to get maximum productivity and warehouse inventory throughput in your business, using real-time data is essential. Even if you’ve got the right technology in place to collect data, you’ve got to make sure that you are putting it to work for you in the most efficient and useful manner possible.

One good way to implement real-time data capture is through barcode data collection systems. These can be placed throughout the warehouse and they allow workers to easily scan the barcodes on pallets or individual items using handheld devices. Wi-Fi networks can be used to give everyone in the organization an instant overview of the movement of inventory, which can be used to enhance buying decisions and show where in the supply chain inventory is located.

Real-time data and warehouse management systems can facilitate forward picking and replenishment. They can also help companies strike the right balance between having enough products on warehouse shelves and avoiding overstocking and profit loss.

Boosting Profits

When inventory arrives at the dock, it is not unusual for a significant amount of time to pass before everyone in the organization is aware of its existence. By recognizing this inventory the moment it arrives and placing its data in the system, it can be put to use immediately for either production or sales.

The insight into sales trends that such systems can provide makes it significantly easier for retailers to forecast the product quantities they will need year-round to make sure stock levels are always appropriate, keeping up with seasonal ebbs and flows. It can also help retailers find areas where they might be able to make some improvements that can have a big impact on their bottom line. For example, they could find ways to speed up fulfillment or boost sales.

This blog post was based off of an article Peter Zalinski, our own Director of Supply Chain Architecture, published on Industry Today. View the original here.

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