Ralph Lauren Joins the QR Code Craze

It appears that QR (Quick Response) Codes are beginning to gain more interest in the United States.  The new Ralph Lauren US Open advertisements, like the one pictured at left, are introducing QR Codes to allow consumers to shop directly from their mobile phones.  When the QR Code in the bottom right corner is scanned by a QR-enabled cell phone, such as an iPhone, users will link directly to the new Ralph Lauren mobile site.  The new mobile site, m.RalphLauren.com, currently allows users to purchase from the US Open collections and the RL classics shop.

As more large retailers begin utilizing QR Codes as a new form of marketing media, it won’t be surprising to see them popping up everywhere.  Currently very few cell phones in the U.S. are capable of reading QR Codes, but this will probably all change very soon as interest in this new marketing tool grows.  I can’t wait to see where they show up next.